1.What is trafficsec advertisement company?

Trafficsec is a unique advertisement company that offer you a easy ways to earn cash on trafficsec,our main bussines is advertising and help our customer get target traffic.also we will offer you a opportunity to earn profit on revenue share plan.

2. Can i join trafficsec for free?

Yes,you can join trafficsec for free and earn 10% commission from every purchase.

3. Can I have multiple accounts?

No! Only one account is allowed Per Person. Any person try to create multiple acount. All his/her Account and Earning will be removed without notice.

4. Which processor I can withdraw or deposit?

We accept payza,perfectmoney,payeer,bitcoin.

5. When i can get earning from revenue share?

All the earning from revenue share will be disturbed to your Account balance after 24 hours.

6. How long do I get 145% adpack earning?

Earning is not guarantee,its all based on advertising sales.

7.How long I can get my cashout.

We will process cashout from 1~21 days(Due to freeze fund will be release after 21 days).

8.what is min payout and max payout per day?

Min payout is $4 and Max payout is $1000.

9.Can I get refund?

No,all the money is goes to commission pool and advertising,referraling sponser.

10.Can I change my sponser?

We can not change any sponser without permission of your upline.

11.How much i can earn from my referral purchase?

You can earn 10% commission from every purchase of your referrals.